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Hooray, Let´s Play! B Teacher´s Book with Class Audio CD and DVD-ROM

PDF, ebook, epub (ePub, fb2, mobi)
G. Puchta H. Gerngross

Hooray! Let's play! is the brand new 3-level course for 3 to 5-year-olds by world-renowned author team Herbert Puchta and Günter Gerngross. This exciting and innovative course helps you maximise your English lessons with very young learners and offers your pupils lots of fun and highly-stimulating activities. Hooray! Let's play! has a unique multisensory approach that develops young children’s core thinking skills and offers motivating value-based stories to promote essential social skills. All components available in British and American English. FOR THE STUDENT Hooray! Let's play! promotes multi-sensory learning through a variety of motivating games, stories, action stories and songs; is fun and easy to teach allowing children to learn in a natural and memorable way; offers a unique combination of materials - books, DVDs, Audio CDs, DVD-ROMS, story cards, flashcards and a hand puppet to suit every classroom need; introduces 4 delightful characters – Peter the Panda, Rosie the Rabbit, Connie the Crocodile and Tom the Turtle – who quickly befriend the children and create a positive, warm learning environment. Student's Book The full colour Student’s Book is organised in 6 main units. Each of the units is presented on 6 pull-out worksheets and follows a tightly structured pattern to guarantee optimal and consistent learning routines: chant TPR (Total Physical Response) action story song story / story song listening comprehension thinking skills All worksheets expand and develop both pupils’ cognitive and fine motor skills through activities such as colouring, tracing, drawing, matching, sorting, etc. There are also sections on festivals and celebrations (birthdays and other special occasions), plus an Audio CD with full versions of the songs and chants. All tasks are outlined on the back of each worksheet along with any relevant song lyrics and scripts for seamless lesson management and to keep parents up to date with what their children are learning. FOR THE TEACHER Teacher's Book The Teachers' Book offers easy-to-use step-by-step suggestions on how to teach very young learners successfully. A clear introduction gives a short overview of relevant findings from cognitive psychology and research into early language acquisition. The Teacher's Book was written in close co-operation with experienced classroom teachers and all activities and ideas have been piloted and perfected for optimum use in the classroom. The Teacher's Book provides a variety of ideas for games and a host of practical tips and pointers. It contains 2 Audio CDs (with all the songs, chants, stories, action stories and listening exercises) as well as a DVD-ROM with an editable letter to the parents for each unit, and photocopiable Worksheets for Extra Lessons plus a training video for the teacher. Teacher Training Video The Teacher Training Video demonstrates clear ways of teaching English to very young learners in either kindergarten or at private language schools. It shows author Herbert Puchta, working with various groups of very young learners in different schools. Additional short films explain how to use TPR (Total Physical Response) action stories and songs through miming and acting. The Teacher Training Video is the ideal companion for the Teacher’s Book. It offers you lots of practical tips on how to get the most out of your lessons and shows excellent easy-to-use ways of teaching English to very young learners. Cartoon DVD Fully animated cartoon stories engage and motivate children to learn and remember key words and phrases. Children are captivated by and identify with the stories as their favourite characters come to life. Story cards, Audio CDs and Worksheets support and expand the cartoons to create a powerful and personal learning experience.

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